"YOU can reach your fitness goals...    WE want to see you succeed."
216 W Cavour Ave  Fergus Falls, MN 56537  218-736-0044
Do you want to lose weight?  Do you want to get strong? Do you want to feel better?
you want to do, New Beginnings Family Fitness can help you get there.
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New Beginnings Family Fitness

Massage Therapy
W/Devan Anderson
available by appointment.
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is a fun, energizing program
that helps older adults take
greater control of their health
by encouraging physical activity
and offering social events.

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"Muscular Strength and
Range Of Motion"

A variety of exercises
designed to increase
muscular strength, range of
movement, and activity for
daily living skills. Hand-held
elastic tubing with handles,
and a ball are offered for
resistance; and a chair is
used for seated and/or
standing support.

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Vinyasa Flow Yoga
1 Hour Class
Tuesday @ Noon
Wednesday @ 6:30PM
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