Massage Therapy
at New Beginnings Family Fitness
Devan Anderson
Licensed Massage Therapist
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Rate: $1/minute  (*except for Hot Stone Massage*)

Swedish Massage  60or90 min
Purpose: relaxation.
Benefits: increases oxygen in blood, improved circulation, decreases
muscle toxins, improved flexibility, decreases cortisol levels,
improved immunity.

Deep Tissue Massage  60 min
The manipulation of superficial/deep layers of muscle/connective
Benefits: releases chronic muscle tension, enhances function, relaxes
muscles, reduces inflammation.

Sports Massage  30or60 min
Can enhance athletic performance/reduce injuries.  Focuses on
areas of the body that are overused/stressed.  Promotes flexibility,
reduces fatigue, and improves endurance.

Prenatal Massage  30or60 min
Light pressure is used.  Benefits: reduced stress, relieve
backaches/edema.  Encourages blood/lymph circulation, better
sleep, relieves depression/anxiety.

Hot Stone Massage  90 min $125*
Massage with hot stones.  The direct heat of stones relaxes muscles
to get to the deeper muscles.  Benefits: expands blood vessels,
sedative effect to relieve chronic pain, reduced stress, promotes
deep relaxation, melts tension, and eases stiffness, increased

** New Clients **
1 hour massage

30 min $25
90 min $75